These images were made by me during my time in Archikubik for an Architecture Competition in Spain. Lafarge Spain wanted to transform one of theirs warehouses in Toledo, into a showroom for the clients. As a concrete company, they wanted a place where they could show their most innovative product, Ductal®, a lightweight concrete that could take many forms and shapes. That so, we tried to achieve the maximum space possible so that the future showroom could receive concrete artwork from all sizes and shapes. The first approach to our proposal was to remove the roof that was so much deteriorated and take the opportunity to apply an origami self-bearing roof using Ductal®. The second approach was to transform the main floor into a stairway, so we can connect the basement with the upper floor, achieving more cubic meters in one single and open space. The third approach was to highlight the main entrances with the window frames being extruded from the façade in dark grey translucent concrete, so that could make contrast with the white color of the building. Finally we decided to extend the roof and the main floor to south, creating an exterior space for exhibitions and protecting the south façade from the sun as well. On the exterior spaces we decided to use the roof shape to create urban furniture and to create a grid that helped us to locate some trees that could protect the building from the normal noise of the factory.

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