These images were made by me during my time in Archikubik for an Urban Development Project in Paris, France. Located in the sector of Ivry Confluences, an urban site changing rapidly, this project has the purpose to reorganize several industrial plots, including La Minoterie and the old factory of SNFA. After analyzing the historical impressions of the place, its current urban situation and its future programming, it was clear to team that we need to overcome the fragmented project boundaries and make a reflection at a neighborhood level, across a hybrid and complex macro-block. This analysis lead us to a present proposal where firstly, we implement a square-linear space just in the heart of the site. Exclusively reserved for pedestrians, it embraces the basic idea proposed by the urban plan of Ivry Confluences, a system of “connected Parks”. This linear square offers various spatial qualities, the possibility of different uses, able to meet the diverse needs of the existing and future population. Besides the public space approach, the project was composed by 5 buildings with different densities in a total of 14.000 m2 divided by 96 apartments and 78 social apartments and an underground parking for 170 cars. The different densities of the buildings results from an intent to maintain the scale of the buildings near the Boulevard of Brandbourg and Rue Pierre Rigaud, and to increase the scale as we go in to the heart of the site. As so, the linear square is created to follow this intention by connecting the both streets level to the heart of the site at an upper level. This intention gave us one more parking floor as we were limited by the surroundings of the river. The morphological richness of the urban plan, so varied, permits to accomplish the concept of urban diversity. Diversity of programming of course, but also diversity on housing types, which offer the opportunity to choose many ways of life, ranging from townhouses through more dense housing with double orientation in the heart of the site.

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